Transforming Leadership Development. Because Leaders Deserve Better.

Jennifer Mackin has a warning for CEOs and HR leaders: leadership development across the entire business space is in crisis. When leaders are ill-prepared to lead, the ripple effects can be devastating for the long-term viability of any organization.

Jennifer Mackin | Leadership Development Expert

Helping Leaders Enact Revolutionary Change

Jennifer Mackin has over 25 years of experience shaping the way that leaders do business. She is the Principal & CEO of Oliver Group, Inc. and President & Partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute US, and has worked with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs across all industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, and financial services. A leadership development expert, Jennifer helps companies change their mindsets and develop better leaders. Because leaders—and their business—deserve better.

Jennifer speaks to audiences across the country, coaching leaders on how to create sustainable solutions for growth, retention, chaotic conditions and myriad other topics.

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Leaders Deserve Better

A Leadership Development Revolution

With Leaders Deserve Better: A Leadership Development Revolution, leadership development expert Jennifer Mackin presents leaders with an urgent call to action: adopt a revolutionary mindset to transform your leadership development function. Leaders are ill-prepared. Period. They deserve better after dedicating their careers to their chosen company. It’s the missing link to knocking the ball out of the park with business strategy. Anything less risks the survival of the business. Jennifer’s Leaders Deserve Better solution to this urgent leadership problem includes deploying a philosophy where leaders put people first, traditional development ceases and companies leverage Mackin’s Four Drivers of Leadership Development Success. There is a better way.

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“I’m not here to simply point out the problems; I’m here to offer you—and beg you to implement—a solution because leaders deserve better.”

With her years of leadership consulting experience as President and CEO of Oliver Group and President and Partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) US, Jennifer Mackin lays out the crisis facing leadership development in our fast-changing business culture. But, far from a doomsday vision of leadership’s future, Mackin reveals the steps leaders can take to revolutionize their leadership development practices and develop a culture that puts people at the center of leadership success.

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