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Leaders Deserve Better

There’s a slow moving crisis taking over the corporate world—an alarm that has been sounding for decades only to be met with inaction across nearly all industries. While it’s not imminently life-threatening, like an illness or natural disaster, the threat is real and dangerous nonetheless. A threat that, if our current group of leaders is to meet it adequately, will require a revolution of their mind and will. 

Leaders Deserve Better, the first book from President and CEO of Oliver Group and President and Partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) US, Jennifer Mackin presents a startling picture of a corporate world run by ill-prepared leaders jeopardizing the livelihoods of all team members, causing emotional and psychological turmoil, and destabilizing an otherwise productive workforce; A world of leaders that don’t put people first. 

“Ultimately business success is all about people success,” Mackin explains. “You can’t have one without the other. Without strong, happy, productive people in the workforce, the health of our teams, businesses, and communities, is at stake.” Through this lens, readers understand why Mackin writes with the urgency of a revolutionary—the stakes are too high to ignore.

Mackin’s people-centric approach to leadership development crystallizes in what represent the backbone of Mackin’s solution, her Four Drivers of Leader Development Success:

  1. The overarching people strategy must be connected to the business strategy.
  2. Leadership development must be leader-led.
  3. Leadership development must have face-to-face components.
  4. Leaders must be able to put into play the skills they learn.

It’s around the nexus of these four concepts that the two part narrative of Leaders Deserve Better orbits. Importantly, Mackin’s insights don’t place blame on the individual leaders, but rather the prevailing mindset of our current business culture. The blame should be placed on a culture that’s mostly bottom line oriented, that prioritizes results today ahead of growth tomorrow, and that too often loses sight of the people behind the work and success of the business long term.

“You can start developing your leaders differently today to prepare them for tomorrow,” Mackin urges. “Please join this revolution.”

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