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Jennifer Mackin | Principal & CEO at Oliver Group and Principal and President of Leadership Pipeline Institute US

Jennifer Mackin sections to say, “Jennifer Mackin is a change agent at heart and a passionate believer that the path of development is a life-long journey. As a leader in two consulting firms – Principal & CEO of Oliver Group, Inc. and President & Partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute US – Jennifer enables companies to transform by inviting their leaders to revolutionize the way people are developed. She has a bold goal for all CEOs and other leaders to transform people who then transform businesses. It is THE differentiator. As an author and speaker with over twenty-five years of consulting experience, she is a recognized leadership development influencer.

As one of a few female leaders in her industry, she has an experienced team of consultants advising businesses all around the globe. Over the last two decades, she has shared her message that leaders deserve better with CEOs, human resources managers, leadership development leaders, entrepreneurs, and other senior leaders in all major industries. She is a vital contact for leaders looking for guidance on growing businesses, succession readiness, talent retention, leading teams or averting the next leadership crisis.

Jennifer earned her BS in marketing from Indiana University in Bloomington and her MBA from Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University. She and her husband have three sons and live in Louisville, Kentucky.

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All organizations face challenges. Challenges are solved by people.

The question is, how to get people where they need to be to overcome those challenges? That’s where the Oliver Group comes in. We believe people can perform at their highest potential and we don’t just help you create the playbook. We work alongside you and your organization to prepare for the future and perform at new levels. We have been there – or at least been in similar situations to what you may be facing. We have built a diverse, experienced team that can add perspectives and solutions you may not have thought possible.

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